Where to find Artificial Christmas Trees

The artificial Christmas tree, fake Christmas tree, pre lit Christmas tree – however you want to call it Christmas tree artificial is becoming the latest fad during the holidays. Touted for their easy cleanup, fake trees are becoming more popular. Many search for artificial Christmas tree WalMart, artificial tree Target, pre lit Christmas tree Home Depot, or fake Christmas tree Lowes. What happened to the tradition of being with family during the holidays? Everyone complains that there is not enough things to do in Bakersfield. I’ve got an idea! Instead of wading through the crowds of people at the stores, start a new tradition in your family of doing things together. If you’re looking for a fun family activity, find trees for Christmas at White Forest Nursery in Bakersfield. The entire experience is magical. Your kids with bright eyes and smiles on their faces get to touch, feel, and smell real Christmas trees. All bundled up on a chilly Bakersfield night with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand strolling down the rows of Christmas trees set next to a real castle is a great experience.

Forget the ubiquitous fake Christmas tree Walmart, artificial Christmas tree Target, pre lit Christmas tree Home Depot and create a wonderful family tradition by experiencing real Christmas trees at White Forest Nursery.

Choosing a Christmas Tree

Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees
When choosing a Christmas tree, no one has a better selection than White Forest Nursery in Bakersfield. White Forest Nursery has cut Christmas trees like Noble Fir, Grand Fir, and Douglas Fir. They also carry a couple dozen different varieties of living Christmas trees.
• First decide where it will go and measure the space… then measure again. Don’t forget to measure your stand as well.
• Make sure that the tree you choose will fit in your space and inside your stand. Whittling the sides of a tree’s trunk to make it fit a too-small stand will interfere with its water intake, as well as making the tree less stable. Also check to be sure the tree has a tall enough ‘handle’ (the area bare of branches at the bottom) that you won’t need to trim bottom branches off to put it in the tree stand. Allow a couple of extra inches so that you can make a fresh cut.
• The most important consideration in choosing a cut tree (outside of finding one you like) is to find a fresh tree. Some techniques:
• Bend several needles. If they bend and bounce back, the tree is probably fresh. If they break or don’t bounce back, it probably isn’t.
• Shake the tree or bounce it on the ground to see how many green needles drop. Brown needles will fall naturally but if green ones fall like rain, the tree may be dried out.

Caring for Your Fresh-Cut Tree

• If you will have to carry your tree home on top of your car or in some other exposed place, bring along a tarp to wrap it up and protect it from wind damage, and tie it securely.
• When you get the tree home, make a fresh cut at the base of the trunk (cut off about 1/2? perpendicular to the trunk). If you will not be setting it up immediately, put it in a pail of water and store it away from heat and sunlight.
• Before putting the tree inside, you may want to give it a good shaking to dislodge any loose needles.
• Also be sure your stand will hold enough water. You’ll need, daily, about one quart per inch of trunk diameter (a 2″ wide trunk would take a half gallon per day). You probably won’t want to be adding water more than once per day, so make sure your stand holds enough!
• Tip: the various additives people recommend putting in the water (such as molasses, aspirin or whatever) don’t help. Just plain water is all you need.
• Try to display the tree in a cooler part of the room, away from heat sources such as direct sunlight. If you like having your neighbors see your lit tree at night and really want to put it next to a window, pull the curtains in the daytime.

Live Christmas Trees

Living Christmas trees are becoming more popular each year. Many people don’t like the idea of either a cut tree, an artificial Christmas tree, fake Christmas tree, or pre lit Christmas tree. A living tree that can be planted after the holidays is a great choice for many people. The best place to find living Christmas trees in Bakersfield is White Forest Nursery. White Forest Nursery has dozens of different kinds of living Christmas trees for you to choose from!

• When choosing a living tree, be sure to choose one that will grow well for you. Keep in mind your own soil conditions and the area where you will be planting the tree. Ask us and we’ll help you find one that will thrive for you!
Caring for a Live Tree:
• Move the tree inside gradually to acclimate it to the warmer indoor air. While it is acclimating, spray it with an anti-dessicant spray to help slow water loss.
• Water it often enough (indoors or out) to keep the roots moist but not soggy .. root-rot will harm a tree as much as letting it get dried out. Try using ice cubes when your tree needs water; they melt slowly and you will reduce the chance of having a carpet soiled because of water overflow.
• Before putting the tree inside, brush it off to get rid of any dead needles and dirt.
• Place the tree, if potted, on a saucer or put it in a galvanized bucket or other container to keep water from getting on the floor.
• Try to display the tree in a cooler part of a room, away from heat and dryness sources such as direct sunlight or vents.
• A living tree should not be kept inside much longer than a week, so try to watch your timing. While it is inside it will probably need a bit more water, so check it regularly.
When you move it back outside, re-acclimate it to the outdoors by repeating the entry acclimation in reverse.

Which type of Christmas Tree is Best in Bakersfield

Which Christmas tree is best for me?

A lot of people ask us here at White Forest Nursery in Bakersfield which Christmas tree is best. We always say it is a matter of opinion! It depends what you like! The Christmas tree for me may be different than the Christmas tree you like. In Bakersfield White Forest Nursery has the most options of trees for Christmas. They carry trees from 2ft tall all the way up to big Christmas trees that are 15ft tall! If you are after a cut Christmas tree there are a few different choices.

  • Douglas fir are a more natural and bushy looking Christmas tree. This variety is usually a little cheaper because they are fast growers and require less maintenance to grow.
  • Grand fir have a dark green color and are a little different than the Christmas tree you may be used to. They have longer, flatter needles that smell very sweet – especially when they start to dry out when you put them in the house. The branches on this Christmas tree are not as strong so if you have heavy Christmas ornaments, this may not be the Christmas tree for you.
  • Noble fir is the type of Christmas tree that most people think of as the classic Christmas tree. They have strong branches for heavy ornaments. The needles are fuller and almost look fluffy. This is a favorite Christmas tree for many people.

Of course, if you are looking for a white Christmas, you can always have our professional staff create a custom flocked Christmas tree! Douglas fir, grand fir, and noble fir all look a little different and special with the snowy white flocking on their branches. Take a look at all of the Christmas Trees at White Forest Nursery in Bakersfield.

Artificial xmas trees vs real Christmas trees

Is this the year? Are you struggling with whether to buy a pre lit xmas tree or fake xmas tree? Artificial xmas trees have their advantages like not having to pick up needles after Christmas. Artificial trees do not need to be watered. Fake Christmas trees do not get brittle and crispy at the end of the year. Yes, fake xmas trees have their advantages, but its not worth trading in your Christmas spirit.

You have to ask yourself what Christmas is all about. Its not about the shopping or presents or parties. Christmas is a feeling that is oh so hard to describe. It’s the thrill children get waking up on Christmas morning, it’s the warm cozy feeling you get under a blanket on a cold Bakersfield night. For me, it’s a warm cup of hot chocolate in my hands in view of our stockings on the fireplace with the smell of our real Christmas tree floating in the air. Real Christmas trees appeal to your senses and is a big part of what Christmas is all about. I personally like the noble fir, but we have experimented with the grand fir and douglas fir some years.

Besides the beautiful aroma, the family tradition of going to White Forest Nursery in Bakersfield search for which Christmas tree is the perfect tree for Christmas always warms my heart. My family loves White Forest Nursery because finding our perfect Christmas tree there is still one of the few things we still do as a family.

Local Christmas Tree Lot

Christmas trees only come in once a year at White Forest Nursery and we take pride in having the best Christmas Tree lot in Bakersfield! Below are a few commonly asked questions about White Forest Nursery‘s Christmas Trees:

How many types of Christmas trees are there?
There are many varieties of trees grown for Christmas Trees. Even tumble weeds have been used by a few people. In this area, there are 3 different varieties commonly sold. The premium variety is the Noble Fir. This tree has sturdy branches, thick needles and lasts the longest. Douglas Fir is the most common variety sold. It is sheared to a very tight cone shape with few holes and ornament hanging spaces. The needles are lighter green, great fragrance but drops needles easier. The Grand Fir is not seen as frequently. The claim to fame is the scent. The fragrance is sweet, strong and fantastic. The branches have a medium stiffness and the needles can drop if the tree is not kept in water.

How long will a typical tree stay good/green?
The premium Noble Fir can stay green and nice looking for 4 to 6 weeks. The Douglas Fir is typically good for 2 to 3 weeks. A lot depends on where and how the tree is kept. Ideally, we would have the Christmas Tree in a spot that has good light ( keeps it darker green), is cool and not by a fireplace or heater vent, and is kept in a water bowl with water kept in the bowl. Darker, hotter and dryer conditions will shorten the life of the tree.

How often should a cut tree be watered?
The tree should be kept in a water stand with the bowl filled. A fresh cut tree can absorb up to 1 ½ to 2 gallons per day. Fill the bowl daily.

How many days of the year do you sell Christmas trees?
Christmas trees go on sale the day after Thanksgiving and continue until Christmas Eve.

What is the price range for Christmas trees?
Cut Christmas trees range in price from about $15.00 for a 2’ Table Top to about $300.00 for a 12’ monster, with everything in between.

What is the size of the tallest tree you sell?
12” is about the tallest we normally sell although we have been known to order 18’ giants.

How much time does it take for a tree to be big enough for sale?
The smallest Christmas Trees are about 4 to 5 years old. The larger trees can be up to 15 years old.

How many years have you been selling trees?
We have sold Christmas Trees for over 55 years.

Don’t forget the Live Christmas Tree option. These are trees that are alive with roots attached and can be planted after Christmas. The selection is large, but the size will typically be smaller than a cut tree of the same price.

The Christmas Tree – a great tradition

In our home, the Christmas tree has always been and always be a great tradition in our family. The week after Thanksgiving is when White Forest Nursery in Bakersfield first receives their Christmas trees. If you have been here, wondering where to get Christmas trees this year has not even popped into your mind. The great forest of Christmas trees set against the backdrop of a big castle at White Forest Nursery just sets the mood and really gets me in the Christmas spirit. How to choose a Christmas tree is really more a art than a science. I walk down the pine scented rows over and over and after finding the perfect Christmas tree, the one everyone will be talking about for years to come, I walk five feet further and see another Christmas tree that I fall in love with. These days, we usually bring home a Christmastree for everyone in the family. We get a small 2ft tabletop Christmas tree for our baby girl and two bigger ones to go in the dining room and the living room. Once they’re all decorated, I can’t help but have a smile on my face for the entire holiday season! I love searching for the perfect Christmas tree and White Forest Nursery keeps our tradition alive.

Where can I get a Christmas tree?

Christmas Trees at White Forest Nursery

If you’re wondering “Where can I get a Christmas tree?” in Bakersfield this Christmas, look no further than the best selection of Christmas trees at White Forest Nursery. The knowledgeable staff at White Forest Nursery will be able to tell you which Christmas tree is the best for you. There are many places in town that sell Christmas trees and I’ve been to many of them, but the best place for fresh Christmas trees, green Christmas trees, flocked Christmas trees, or live Christmas trees is White Forest Nursery in Bakersfield. Click the link for directions for where to find Christmas trees: Map of where to find Christmas trees

Which Christmas trees smell the best?

Close up of Grand Fir

Let your friends know which Christmas tree is most fragrant and send them to White Forest Nursery – the only Christmas tree shop that has the best smelling Christmas tree of them all – the grand fir.

Do you love the most fragrant Christmas trees in your home? Many people wonder which Christmas tree smells the best. While noble fir and douglas fir smell great, White Forest Nursery is the only place that has the best smelling Christmas tree in Bakersfield – the Grand Fir. There is no doubt that the grand fir is the best smelling Christmas tree. It has a sweet pine smell. Go ahead and crush a couple needles between your fingers and smell away. Ahhhhh! Smells like Christmas!